Fireshow Pyroterra


The only one professional and safe fire show in the Czech Republic!

Why choose fireshow PYROTERRA?

• Action show with modern music, fire, dance and special effects
• We know that you want more than ordinary fire show
• An experience full of unique effects and styling
• Experiences with domestic and international scene, full production of show is in the price
• Performance is fully customized to the client’s requirements
• Safe and smooth process of our show is guaranteed

They told about Us:

Lucie Bílá: “Pyroterra is an unforgettable experience…”
Jan Kraus:
“I’m not a fan of the fires, but this show I enjoyed. … I’ve never seen so much fire at one place and see that everybody are happy of it.”
Jaro Slavik:
“…You are showing how the show should look like…”

Basic informations:

Dynamic fireshow with action music, unique make-up and costumes – by all that are characterized performances of Pyroterra. Choreographies are prepared in several versions, every version includes services of professional firefighter, safety technics and makeup artist. Also, we are able to prepare performance with all your wishes.

Number of artists: 3 – 8 (can be customized to your request)
Performance duration: 8 – 15 min.

For more important informations just contact Us.